Project News: Liquor Treatment Plant at Strongford WwTW

Image: Severn Trent Water

ACWA Services has been awarded a design and build subcontract, including the Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works from Doosan Enpure Limited for a Liquor Treatment Plant utilising our Amtreat® technology at Severn Trent’s Strongford wastewater treatment site located in Staffordshire, the site will become a major regional sludge handling facility.

The liquor treatment solution for the Strongford wastewater treatment plant is integral to a major improvement scheme being undertaken, as part of the scheme, Severn Trent required a plant to treat the liquors from sludge pre-thickening and post dewatering centrate from a new Thermal Hydrolysis Plant and upgraded Digestion Plant to enable the treated liquors to be returned to the head of the existing works.

Due to the limited space available on site, ACWA’s Amtreat® process will utilise 7 existing lanes of a redundant sunken Activated Sludge Plant structure along with two existing Settlement Tanks which will be re-used for flow balancing and final settlement. Also included within ACWA’s scope is an intermediate heating recirculation loop and activated sludge transfer system.

ACWA’s Amtreat® solution was chosen on the basis of process flexibility allowing the reuse of existing structures, along with robustness of the process and whole life costs.