Nitrate Removal (IEX) plant at Martin Gorse hits a key milestone

The construction of the new Nitrate Removal (IEX) plant at Martin Gorse reached another key milestone, when two large Glass Reinforces Plastic (GRP) tanks were successfully delivered to site. The two 4.2m diameter tanks were successfully transported to site in the evening to avoid disruption down the narrow country roads that surround the site.

Dave Parr, CMDP Construction and Delivery Lead said –
“The delivery of these tanks has been planned over the last 9 months due to the size of the tanks and the narrow country lanes in the area. The cooperation and collaboration between Southern Water, CMDP ACWA, Forbes, Clancy Docwra & CCU to ensure a seamless delivery has been exceptional. All the meetings and mitigations that were undertaken ensured that the tanks were delivered and installed safely with minimal disruption to the public.”