Mental Health Awareness Week

When you have a culture that lives and breathes its values, great things happen. Our recent SHEQ stats highlight the high expectations we have regarding our positive safety culture. With the elimination of workplace accidents and incidents it re-enforces the positive impact of ensuring everyone is working towards the same vision and values. At ACWA we are not just employees, we are a team.

This week is mental health awareness week, and it provides a great opportunity for you to check in with someone you think might be more distracted than usual. It could be they are struggling mentally with something and just need someone to ask them if they are ok. Employees with mental ill health increases the likelihood of accidents. Can you prevent an accident this week by reaching out and checking in on a colleague?

Why don’t you have a read about our vision and values that underpin our culture and make us not only a safe place to work but a great one too. About us – ACWA

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