Rivelin Water Treatment Works – New Manganese Filtration

With the combination of aging treatment systems and the increased water requirement for the Sheffield area, the Rivelin WTW requires a phased modernisation. The modernisation would reduce operational costs whilst increasing the production flow. As Part of the Phase 2 upgrade, the transfer system from primary treatment required replacing, new Manganese removal beds post sand filtration including a new backwash system.


ACWA’s scope involved the design and installation of the mechanical and instrument plant and equipment associated with the design identified by YW.

The design was based around 6No concrete cast gravity Manganese filters constructed within a new building adjacent to the sites existing Sand Filter building.

Feed to the filters came from a common concrete channel controlled by actuated penstocks. The flow passes through the gravity filtration beds (6No – 7.32m x 5.5m) discharging by gravity through separate stainless steel pipework into common stainless steel manifolds all controlled by electrically actuated butterfly valves and fitted with flow and pressure monitoring and analytical board mounted instrumentation. The flow was transferred by 4 No High Lift Pumps to Storage. Backwash was provided by Duty/standby Air Scour blowers to lift the media beds and 3 No backwash pumps.

Technical Overview

Design basis:

  • Mechanical & Instrument Supply Project
  • Flow – 832-3,326m3/h
  • Purpose Manganese Removal
  • Meets YW Design Specifications
  • Complies with DWI Regulations

The Benefits

ACWA’s solution is:

  • Designed to maximise access with a minimal footprint to reduce the overall building footprint
  • Access steelwork provided both pipework support and general access and support for the MCC Control panel
  • The system future proofs the potable water supply to Sheffield