Penwhapple Water Treatment Works – Granular Activated Carbon

To improve the drinking water quality for residents in the Girvan, Barr Pinwheery, Old Dailly, Lendalfoot, Barrhill, Colmenell and surrounding rural areas, Scottish Water opted to upgrade the existing Penwhapple Water Treatment Works  by installing a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filtration system which would remove the presence of manganese from the water supply which causes water discolouration.

The resulting ACWA system ensures a crystal clear water supply of the highest standard is made available to its local residents.

ACWA’s successful solution involved the design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of five GAC Filters complete with Automated backwash and air scour systems. 

All the vessels were connected with stainless steel 316 manifold pipework running below the vessels with the feed, discharge and backwash connections rising up to flanged connections.

Periodic Carbon extraction / replacement is managed from the front road access via low level tanker connections with manual isolation.


•             Continuous service providing crystal clear water

•             Designed to minimise the overall filter footprint

•             Built with Redundancy for Future treatment flow requirements

•             Simple to access, operate and maintain