Nestle Hadfield Wastewater Treatment Plant – Food Effluent Waste

A large scale wastewater treatment plant was designed, installed and successfully commissioned and continues to operate, delivered by ACWA Services Ltd. The client is a world leading food producer.

The plant which combines both Bio-filtration and Activated Sludge processes, comprises Effluent Collection and Screening, Effluent Balancing, pH Correction, Sodium Hydroxide Dosing, Hydrochloric Acid Dosing, Nutrient Storage and Dosing, High Rate Bio-filtration, Primary Settlement, Anoxic zone, Aeration, Final Settlement, Sand Filtration, Sludge Storage, Sludge Dewatering and Odour Control.

The maximum design volume is 1268m3/d with a maximum COD concentration of 5800 mg/l and maximum design load of 7.4 tonnes/day. The maximum suspended solids concentration is 700mg/l which equates to a maximum suspended solids load of 0.9 tonnes/day.