Melness Water Treatment Works – Ultrafiltration Process Plant

The Melness Water Treatment Works treats the raw water supply from the Loch na h-Uamhachd reservoir to provide drinking quality water for public consumption in the Melness locality. The treatment of the peaty raw water is undertaken using a crossflow membrane filtration process utilising ceramic ultrafiltration membrane elements. Granular activated carbon filters, a limestone contactor and a residual chlorine dosing provide secondary treatment. A treated water tank provides the required chlorine contact time before a booster set pumps the treated water up to the reservoir, ready for delivery to the supply. The plant production rate is up to 110m³ of treated water per day.

Advantages of a ceramic membrane:

  • Significantly longer working life than organic membranes
  • Higher permeate flux
  • High resistance to sudden mechanical, chemical and thermal failure, unlike organic membranes
  • Tolerant of aggressive cleaning procedures
  • One step process without the need to pre-treat