Strongford Wastewater Treatment Works – Amtreat® Ammonia Removal

Strongford Wastewater Treatment Works located in Staffordshire is to become a major regional sludge handling facility for Severn Trent Water. As part of the major improvement scheme a liquor treatment plant is needed to treat the liquors from sludge pre-thickening and post dewatering centrate from a new Thermal Hydrolysis Plant along with the upgrading of the Digestion Plant to enable the treated liquors to be returned to the head of the existing works.

ACWA was awarded a design and build subcontract, including the Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works from Doosan Enpure for a Liquor Treatment Plant utilising our Amtreat® technology.
Due to the limited space available, ACWA’s Amtreat® process will utilise seven existing lanes of a redundant sunken Activated Sludge Plant structure along with two existing settlement tanks which will be re-used for flow balancing and final settlement. Also included within ACWA’s scope is an intermediate heating recirculation loop and sludge transfer system.
ACWA’s Amtreat® solution was chosen on the basis of process flexibility allowing the use of existing structures, along with robustness of the process and whole life costs.

Technical Overview

Design basis:

  • Turnkey M&E Project
  • Maximum Flow – 2518 m3/d
  • Ammonia Load: 2776 Kg/d
  • Ammonia Removal: > 90%

The Benefits

ACWA’s Amtreat® solution provides:

  • Retrofitted into existing concrete tanks
  • High ammonia removal efficiencies
  • A very reliable and robust process
  • Flexible plant arrangement
  • Utilisation of existing assets
  • Simple to operate and maintain