Japanese Tobacco International – Membrane Bio Reactor Plant

With Japanese Tobacco International’s aging facility no longer efficiently processing the waste flow along with increases flows and loads (60% Increase) from their expanding facility and a tightening discharge consent, Japanese Tobacco International was looking for a bespoke robust solution which would utilise existing plant and equipment wherever possible and could be constructed whilst minimising disruption to the existing plant.

ACWA’s successful turnkey solution utilised some existing assets along with a bespoke steel MBR Tank and equipment constructed around the existing treatment system to provide a robust cost effective solution completely automated with the following:

  • Existing Balancing & Aeration Basin
  • Screening and transfer Systems
  • Fine Bubble Aeration within Aeration Basin
  • Membrane Bio Reactor System (submerged membranes)
  • Sludge Storage
  • Chemical Dosing & Monitoring systems


  • Design utilised existing structures & equipment
  • Robust, flexible solution
  • Minimal WWTP footprint
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low energy usage
  • A high quality of waste water suitable for potential reuse
  • Simple to operate and maintain