Corby Wastewater Treatment Works – Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

The MBBR reactors at Corby are 18m in diameter and were originally installed in 1998 to reduce the load onto the existing activated sludge plant. It was decided by Anglian Water that an upgrade was needed of the MBBR system to ensure compliance with a tighter ammonia standard as set out by the EU Water Framework Directive “No Deterioration” programme.

ACWA were awarded the contract for the removal and replacement of the MBBR media.  This entailed the drain down, removal and disposal of the old Kaldness MBBR media and grit build up within the two reactors. Upon completion of the media removal and reactor clean down, the reactors would be filled with Biopipe+ MBBR media (Warden Plastics Ltd product). The work was undertaken in two main phases to minimise the disruption to the operation of the site.

MBBR technology offers process security, low operator input with a guaranteed & consistent effluent quality. The fixed film process is well established, robust and extremely simple to operate.