Coors Burton-on-Trent Brewery – Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

Using the most up-to-date processes and technology, this new RO plant was installed at Coors (previously Bass, previously Carlsberg Tetley Burton Brewery) where it treats deep and shallow well water from numerous sources.

The Brewery’s single site brewing and packaging plant offers the most versatile and comprehensive facilities in the UK, producing over 2 million barrels a year of different ales and lagers. The plant operates at an average of 34,000 bottles per hour and 162,000 cans per hour. 530 million pints of beer are produced for the UK.

The decision to install the plant was the result of thorough investigation and an overall view of its water supply, usage and treatment systems carried out at the Burton Upon Trent Brewery with strong emphasis on potential future requirements.

The new RO plant, comprising two identical process streams — each designed to produce 100m³ of permeate per hour incorporate Iron Removal Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Sterilisation Systems.