Colchester Wastewater Treatment Works – Ammonia Removal Plant

At Colchester Wastewater Treatment Works changes to the arrangement of old assets and the construction of new assets to treat sludge through digestion resulted in the need to reduce the high levels of ammonia before discharge.

ACWA’s successful solution was to design and construct its proprietary high rate (Amtreat®) ammonia removal system. With only limited space available on site this system was designed to fit into a very restricted space by the site access road. The Amtreat® system comprises of:

  • Anoxic tank
  • Amtreat® Reactor with a degassing column
  • Final settlement tank
  • RAS/SAS Pumps
  • Recirculation loop complete with Heat Exchanger
  • Chemical dosing systems

The Benefits

ACWA’s Amtreat® solution provides:

  • High ammonia removal efficiencies in excess of 98%
  • A very reliable and robust process
  • Reduced capital and Whole Life Costs
  • Flexible plant arrangement
  • Can utilise existing assets if available
  • Simple to operate and maintain