Cliff Quay – Amtreat® High-Rate Ammonia Removal Process Plant

The Cliff Quay site was the first application of the Amtreat™ process to a municipal wastewater treatment works (WwTW) in the UK.

Cliff Quay was designed as a non-nitrifying plant, with ammonia discharge consent of 50 mg/l.  However, return of liquors from the sludge treatment centres resulted in issues with the final discharge consents.  The installation of the sludge liquor treatment plant was to reduce the concentration of ammonia to a level that would not impact on the final discharge consent of the WwTW.

ACWA was awarded this turnkey contract, including civil works from Anglian Water Services to treat the centrate liquors from a sludge treatment centre prior to discharge to the head of the wastewater treatment works.

The Amtreat™ system is a purpose-designed high rate activated sludge process that can be specifically used for treating high-strength ammonia wastewaters. By careful control of key design parameters, high ammonia removal efficiencies can be achieved at high loading rates.

Benefits and outcomes:

  • The technology and equipment used is easy to operate and control
  • Amtreat™ has a smaller footprint compared to conventional activated sludge processes
  • Full nitrification/denitrification is achievable
  • Temperature is maintained at a constant 25 degrees C, so there is no seasonal dependency

Key facts

  • The first application of the Amtreat™ process to a municipal WwTW
  • Typical ammoniacal nitrogen removal rates are in excess of 96%