#WorldWaterDay: Groundwater Making the Invisible Visible

#WorldWaterDay: Groundwater Making the Invisible Visible. Innovation is vital to helping address the level of pollution finding its way into the groundwater and rivers from activities that include construction and farming. Working with Scottish Water Horizons we have installed and are testing AquaPyr; a simple, reliable, ultra-low waste, solids removal filter at one of their development centres.

AquaPyr is designed for smaller, decentralised waste water treatment plants as a solids and phosphorus removal technology, for septic tank outlets and de-silting of construction groundwater. The economical AquaPyr ultra-low waste filters remove solids / phosphorus via air cleaning, removing the need for backwashing with water; leaving small, manageable waste volumes.  The unit is being powered by micro-renewables to help water companies achieve their #net zero targets.

If you would like to find out more email us at info@acwa.co.uk. #innovation #wastewater #technology #scottishwaterhorizons #acwaservices #AquaPyr #premoval

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