ACWA Advent Calendar – Day19

Behind door number 19 we are reminded about being green with our electric charging points for employee and visitor vehicles. In a world where reducing pollution and working towards carbon neutrality is on everyone’s agenda, ACWA have installed four electric charging points for employees and visitors vehicles as part of its carbon reduction plan.

Electric and hybrid cars are becoming more popular due to;

  • Energy efficiency
  • More eco-friendly energy source
  • Zero exhaust emissions
  • Energy-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Reduced running costs

Enabling our employees and visitors to charge their vehicles at our office helps to embed our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by 10% per annum.

ACWA’s ambitious pledge aligns with the plans of the UK Water Industry to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. Working towards common goals with our customers allows us help realise the net zero carbon, by playing our part.

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Electric Vehicle Parking Bays