What flows is


ACWA is one of the leading UK players delivering innovative sustainable process solutions and technologies for both municipal and industrial clean water, wastewater and bio-solids treatment.

We design and execute resilient cost-effective technologies which address the needs of our clients and their regulatory drivers whilst helping to address climate change.

About us

All Clear Water Ahead (ACWA) our name, sums up well our purpose, to contribute to society, by treating water to wholesome drinking standards and to recycle wastewater and bio-solids, responsibly, attaining environmental sustainability.


What we do

Through developing our people and enacting our values every day, we apply our process expertise, to solve our clients challenges, utilising our in-house technologies and those of our supply chain partners, for their customers and communities served.


Case Studies

Bairds Malt Production Facility – Replacement Biofilters

At the Bairds Malt facility located in Pencaitland near Edinburgh, which produces over 47,000 Tonnes per annum, the waste stream p...


Colchester Wastewater Treatment Works – Ammonia Removal Plant

At Colchester Wastewater Treatment Works changes to the arrangement of old assets and the construction of new assets to treat slud...


Corby Wastewater Treatment Works – Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

The MBBR reactors at Corby are 18m in diameter and were originally installed in 1998 to reduce the load onto the existing activate...



Growing sustainable, innovative solutions in the UK

A few weeks ago, we shared about how we were planting the seeds to grow the lignocellulosic crop that forms the backbone of the MO...


Investing in and supporting our next generation

Investing in and supporting our next generation of engineers is something we are proud of at ACWA. Our latest young engineer has j...


Learn all about MOB™ at the European Wastewater Management Conference (EWWM)

To learn all about MOB™ (Mobile Organic Biofilm) and better understand why it is a sustainable wastewater treatment process that...