Cranleigh Brickworks

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The water discharged from the quarry lagoon contains ammonia which has to be removed prior to discharge. The ammonia is removed by air stripping in two Turbulent contact Stripping Towers.

The water containing ammonia is pumped to the top of the first stripping tower where it is contacted counter currently with ambient air blown into the base of the stripper. The water from the bottom of the first stripper is pumped to the top of the second stripping tower where it is further air stripped to reduce the ammonia to the required level.

The ammonia strippers contain ellipsoid packing which are fluidised by the air flow up through the tower, the mobile packing provides a highly efficient mass transfer surface and also reduces scaling.

Ambient air is blown by centrifugal fans into the base of each stripping tower through air distributors and then passes up through the packing stripping the ammonia from the water. The ammonia laden air is vented from the top of the stripper after passing through a mist eliminator.

Project Details

Client: Cranleigh Brickworks, Horsham, England

Industry: Quarrying / Brick Production

Application: Removal of ammonia from an effluent stream by air stripping.


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Packed Towers