A E Straume (UK) Ltd.

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The packed tower scrubbing system is designed to treat up to 54 250 m3/h of exhaust gases and ensures that emissions discharged to atmosphere from the company's wool scouring process and wastewater treatment and recycling facility, are odour free and more than capable of satisfying the requirements of stringent environmental legislation.

Throughout the factory, exhaust air is extracted from the various wool treatment processes and the general interior of the building through a system of collection hoods and associated ducting, with dampers fitted to allow the flow rate to be adjusted for optimum performance.

The air is ducted to an exhaust fan from which it enters the base of the scrubbing tower, passing upwards through a bed of packing media. This provides the maximum level of surface area for direct contact between the contaminated air and a scrubbing liquor which absorbs odorous contaminants. The scrubbing liquor, a dilute alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide, is recirculated by a recycle pump from an integral tank at the base of the scrubber to the top of the tower where, evenly distributed by water sprays, it flows downwards through the packing media.

The dosing rate of hydrogen peroxide is controlled by the Redox potential of the scrubbing liquor, and to ensure that the acid gases and Hydrogen Sulphide are fully absorbed, it is necessary that the solution is alkaline - a condition maintained by a pH controller which regulates the dosing of sodium hydroxide solution. Due to the chemical reaction, a periodic blowdown is required to maintain dissolved salt levels in the liquor at acceptable levels.

Before being vented to atmosphere via a stack, clean air passes through a demister at the top of the scrubber to reduce carry over of liquor droplets.

Project Details

Client: A E Straume (UK) Ltd., Addingham, England

Industry: Textiles, Wool processing

Application: An odour control plant for a wool processing factory.


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