John Brown Engineers & Contracters Limited

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The three scrubbing system, for three separate PTA plants, uses recycled water to remove dust particles from 33,000 m³/hour of vent gas in the high efficiency variable throat scrubber.

To ensure high efficiency in dust removal at varying gas flow rates, the blades of the venturi throat are automatically adjusted to provide the optimum velocity and maximum efficiency under all operating conditions. After passing through the venturi section the mixture of gas and water is separated out in a cylindrical tower section 3000 mm in diameter by 8000 mm high.

The complete scrubbing plant was constructed of stainless steel and is designed for a pressure of 4.5 bar, in accordance with the pressure vessel code ASME V111 Division 1.

Project Details

Client: John Brown Engineers & Contracters Limited, Portsmouth, England

Industry: Petrochemicals

Application: Three High Efficiency Venturi Scrubbing System to remove dust from the vent gas stream of a new PTA (pure terephthalic acid) plants in India and The Philippines.


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