John Cotton (Mirfield) Ltd.

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ACWa AIR have provided several plate scrubbers for the abatement of formaldehyde from textile Stenters, Ovens and Bakers. One such installation is on John Cottons abrasives line where the plate scrubber removes both formaldehyde and phenol from 30000 m3/h of oven exhaust gases at 130°C.

The hot gases from the oven passes through an exhaust fan and then enter the base of the scrubber and pass to the lower humidifying section where they are saturated with water by an integrated spray system. Cooled and saturated, gases pass upwards through three target trays, and are scrubbed by recycled water flowing across the plates which absorb the gaseous contaminants.

From the target plates, the water gravitates to the integral tank at the base of the scruber and is returned by recycle pumps to the top tray and the inlet sprays.

After passing through a mist eliminator, cleaned gas leaves the top of the scrubber and is discharged into atmosphere.

Project Details

Client: John Cotton (Mirfield) Ltd., West Yorkshire, England

Industry: Textiles

Application: Phenol formaldehyde scrubbing system to treat exhausts gases from a processing oven prior to being discharged to atmosphere.


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