Membrane Bio Reactor

MEMTREAT® Membrane Bio Reactor

A Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is an advanced treatment process providing a high quality treated effluent with a small footprint. It has the advantage of not requiring primary and secondary clarification stages or tertiary treatment processes and the further benefit of producing less sludge than a conventional secondary treatment processes.

The MEMTREAT® MBR process is highly suitable for both municipal and industrial applications. The process separates the treated wastewater from the purifying bacteria through membrane filtration rather than in a settling tank. The treated effluent that passes through the membrane is of a quality that is suitable for direct discharge without the need for further treatment or can be re-used, for example, irrigation, district cooling systems, industrial process waters.

To date ACWA has supplied and installed in excess of 30 MBR systems including one of the world's largest MBR treatment plants at AL ANSAB, Oman.