Aerobic Biological Treatment

ACWA Services Ltd has extensive experience in the design of aerobic treatment processes for both the municipal and industrial sectors. ACWA's aerobic treatment plants vary in complexity from simple partial treatment systems to multi stage plants. ACWA has the ability to provide a treatment system for a wide range of effluent types, including unusual wastewater effluents, which meet the Clients requirements.

Within the biological aerobic treatment range ACWA can provide conventional secondary biofilters, low and high rate biotowers, activated sludge processes using coarse or fine bubble diffused air or pure oxygen, Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs), Membrane BioReactors (MBR), nutrient removal systems and high-rate ammonia removal systems (Amtreat®).

For all aerobic (and anaerobic) treatment plants ACWA can design, supply and install the appropriate preliminary and primary treatment, secondary settlement or final clarification process and tertiary treatment processes as required.