Download ImageFeb 22 2019

ACWA Services has been awarded a design and build subcontract, including the Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works from Murphy Process Engineering for a Liquor Treatment Plant utilising our Amtreat® technology at Yorkshire Waters Huddersfield wastewater treatment site.

The liquor treatment solution for the Huddersfield wastewater treatment plant is integral to a major improvement scheme being undertaken, the plant will treat Centrate liquors from dewatering of digested and limed sludge. The LTP has been designed to remove 85% ammonia and 50% suspended solids before returning the flows to the head of the existing works.

The proposed new build system will briefly comprise of Anoxic Tank with 2No Amtreat® Reactors discharging to a common settlement tank complete with a heat exchanger on the recirculation loop and activated sludge transfer.

The liquor treatment plant installation is scheduled to begin in August 2019 with commissioning and start-up of the plant scheduled for mid-2020. ACWA’s Amtreat® solution was chosen on the basis of process flexibility along with capital and whole life costs, and its proven track record on several other sites.