Download ImageJul 14 2018

ACWA has been awarded the subcontract for pressure filtration systems at the Murton and Fowberry water treatment sites. Intermittently the borehole water quality at both sites deteriorates due to higher turbidity levels and greater concentrations of iron and manganese.

MMB are Northumbrian Waters Framework contractor who has been awarded the main contract for the schemes each comprising; pressure filtration system, dirty wash water treatment, disinfection and chemical dosing systems for oxidation, pH correction and plumbosolvency. A high lift pumping station will also be installed at the Murton site.

ACWA’s subcontract is for the design and construction of the mechanical and instrumentation equipment for four pressure filters and associated manifold pipework & valves together with backwash pumps and air scour blowers at each site. The plant at Murton will be capable of treating flows up to 8.4 MLD utilising four 3.8m diameter filter vessels and the plant at Fowberry will be capable of treating flows up to 3.8 MLD utilising four 2.6m diameter filter vessels.

Design and procurement are in progress and procurement with a start on site for the ACWA scope scheduled for April 2019 for Murton and October 2019 for Fowberry