Download ImageMay 14 2018

United Utilities are upgrading the existing Ellesmere Port WwTW to accommodate increased flows and loads entering the Works.

C2V+ (a Joint Venture between CH2M and VolkerStevin) is United Utilities Capital Delivery Partner and has awarded ACWA with the Subcontract for the mechanical & instrument portion of the IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) system which consists of three process streams incorporating the following:

• Design and installation of the aeration grids, feeder pipework, Section manifolds and common air header pipework constructed from Stainless Steel and terminating at the Aeration blowers complete with manual and electrically actuated control valves and supporting steelwork.

• The supply and installation of the Temperature, Air Flow, Suspended Solids, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Ammonia Instrumentation.

• The supply and installation of the fixed film media with a total volume to be installed of 3,812.5m3.

• To prevent the fixed film media from discharging from the 3 No IFAS Streams, each tank will be fitted with 27 No Cigar shaped sieves (complete with air scouring) to retain the media along with 9 No drainage slot sieves and 5 No scum dispersion sieves complete with spray bars to minimise scum build up.

Design and procurement is progressing and the fixed film media is being delivered and stored on site ready for installation when the IFAS Tanks have been constructed.