Air Stripping

Dissolved gases such as hydrocarbons (VOC's), carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide can be removed from water by stripping (desorbing) by contacting the water with ambient air in a packed column. The water to be treated enters the top of a packed tower and is distributed over the top of a packed bed and flows down through the packing. Fans blow ambient air into the base of the tower and this flows up through the packing where it contacts the water stripping out the VOC contaminants. The air containing the stripped VOC's passes through a demister to remove water droplets and is vented to atmosphere. The stripped water collects in the base of the stripping tower from where it is discharged. The efficiency of the VOC removal depends on the vapour pressure of the specific VOC compounds, the temperature of operation and the packed height of the tower. The materials of construction of the stripping towers would be either stainless steel or glass reinforced polypropylene. The internals would be manufactured from polypropylene.

ACWA have supplied several Stripping Plants including potable water applications for Yorkshire Water at Headingly and CCC at Shaybah, Saudi Arabia

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