Cambridge Water’s investment to meet standards for nitrate concentrations

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(Reproduced from UK Water Projects 2012)

By: Martin Parvin BSc (Hons), CEng, MICE, MCIWEM,
Gary Deakin BSc (Hons), Msc (Eng) & Martin Styles BSc, CEng, MCIWEM

Cambridge Water Company (CWC) delivers potable water to approximately 300,000 customers spread over an area of 453 square miles in and around Cambridge. The water sources, with a maximum daily license output of 130Mld, are exclusively boreholes drawing water from a predominantly chalk aquifer where nitrate levels have been steadily rising over the past 30 years. This challenge is being met by the construction of ion exchange nitrate removal plants at Babraham, Euston and Fleam Dyke Pumping Stations together with a non-treatment zonal management strategy for Morden Grange Pumping Station. These will enable compliance with the regulatory standards for nitrate concentrations for these sources through to 2035.

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