Elementis Chronium

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The first system uses a venturi slot plate and three target plate scrubber to remove Sulphur Dioxide and particulates from 20 900 m3/h of exhaust. The scrubbing liquor is water dosed with sodium carbonate.

The second system utilises a four target plate scrubber to remove ammonia from 45 800 m³/h of exhaust gases by scrubbing with sulphuric acid and recovers a 30% ammonium sulphate solution for reuse in the process. Acid mist is removed from the gases exiting the Plate scrubber with a candle filter.

Design of the gas cleaning system follows extensive plant trials and feasibility studies. The ACWa Air wet scrubbing systems were selected for use on the project, not only for their particular suitability for the Elementis production process, but for their proven track record in achieving the required emission levels for the various contaminants.

Project Details

Client: Elementis Chronium, Teeside, England

Industry: Chemicals

Application: Two Wet Gas Scrubbing Systems for gas cleaning from two kilns on the chromium oxide production process at the Eaglescliffe site.


Wet Scrubbing Systems
Plate Scrubbers