Aramco Shaybah RIC Complex - Upgrade

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ACWA Emirates was awarded the contract to Upgrade the existing STP at Shaybah Residential and Industrial Complex for Saudi Aramco.


The existing sewage treatment plant will be modified to upgrade the capacity to 750m3/day average flow. The upgraded treatment system will integrate as much of the existing structures and equipment as possible. The plant will comprise of two streams each capable of handling 75% of the average flow, thus providing an ultimate capacity of 1,125m3/day. The STP will utilize the Kubota Flat Sheet Membrane Panels to treat the sewage to the plant; the effluent is to be re-used for irrigation purposes around the complex. The excess sludge produced will be dried on the sludge drying beds prior to disposal.


The Pre-treatment step will comprise of Integrated Screen and Grit Grease & Oil Removal System. The biological treatment process will include Anoxic treatment followed by two parallel streams of common Aeration/MBR tanks. Due to the unexpected influent quality it is envisaged that the influent will be nutrient deficient, hence nutrient dosing skids will be supplied to ensure proper biological treatment.

Project Details

Client: Aramco Shaybah RIC Complex - Upgrade, Saudi Arabia

Industry: Waste Water Treatment

Application: MBR


Wastewater Treatment
Membrane Bio Reactor