Saudi Aramco - Udhaliyah

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ACWA Emirates was awarded a contract to Design, Build, Install and Commission a MBR Waste Water Treatment Plant in Udhaliyah for Saudi Aramco.


The plant is designed to treat an average flow of 3,520 m3/day of sewage. The sewage is equally distributed over three parallel Biological Streams, each capable of handling 50% of the design average flow, providing a total plant capacity of 5,280 m3/day. The plant utilizes the globally successful Kubota Membrane System, comprising of Flat Sheet Membranes, which produce a very high quality effluent that could be re-used for unrestricted irrigation or further treatment processes like R.O. for district cooling.


The plant comprises of:

Inlet works
Vortex Type Grit Removal System
Grit Classifier
3mm Fine Screen Compactor
Anoxic and Aeration Tanks
MEMTREAT® Membrane Bio-reactor
Air Blowers, Diffusers and Submersible Mixers
Permeate Tank and Pumping Facility
Effluent Disinfection and pH Correction System
PLC & SCADA System

Project Details

Client: Saudi Aramco - Udhaliyah, Saudi Arabia

Industry: Waste Water Treatment

Application: MEMTREAT


Wastewater Treatment
Membrane Bio Reactor