As Samra

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Design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new wastewater treatment plant at As-Samra – Jordan, with tertiary treatment capability for a projected average daily capacity of 267,000 cubic meters per day. Takeover and maintenance and operation of the existing 87 hectare As-Samra waste stabilisation plant with current average wastewater load of 170,000 cubic meters per day.

Takeover, renovation, maintenance and operation of the west Zarqa pumping station and takeover maintenance and operation of the Hashimiyya pump station.

Takeover, maintenance and operation of the main wastewater siphon conveyor pipeline to As-Samra from the Ain Ghazal pre-treatment facility.


Grit Removal
Grit Classifier
Air Blowers
Sulfide removal
Chemical Dosing
8 Biological reactors
Sludge treatment
Odour control

Project Details

Client: As Samra , Jordan

Industry: Waste Water Treatment

Application: Tertiary Treatment


Wastewater Treatment
Tertiary Treatment