Al Maktoum International Airport

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ACWA Emirates was awarded a contract for 10,000m3/day high specification waste water MEMTREAT® plant applying MBR technology.


Design, build, operate (DBO) of 4 MBR wastewater treatment trains, each 2,500m3/day at Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s biggest passenger air and freight hub with ultimate capacity of 160 million passengers annually. The project is based in Dubai – UAE and is in operation since 2010.


The plant comprises of:

Lift Station
Odour Control System
Inlet Works
3mm fine screen
Grit removal / grease removal
Grit classifiers
Anoxic / Aeration & MBR GLS Tanks
MEMTREAT® Membrane Bio-reactor
Permeate Holding & Sludge Holding GLS Tanks
Air Blowers and Diffusers
Sludge Dewatering System
Irrigation System for the Landscaping
Chemical Dosing Systems (Hypochlorite + Coustic Soda)
SCADA System

Effluent Quality

BOD < 5mg/L
COD <50mg/L
TKN <2mg/L
SS <5mg/L
NH3 <1mg/L
NO3 <10mg/L

Project Details

Client: Al Maktoum International Airport , Dubai - UAE

Industry: MEMTREAT

Application: Wastewater MEMTREAT plant applying MBR Technology


Wastewater Treatment
Membrane Bio Reactor