Princess Noura University For Women

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ACWA Emirates signed an EPC contract for 11,000m3/day water supply system for irrigation and drinking purposes at Princess Noura Universiity in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, applying reverse osmosis desalination process (BWRO).


Water produced by two deep wells at 60oC water temperature is delivered to four cooling towers upstream the pre-treatment to reduce water temperature to 33oC. The suspended solids are eliminated via cogulation, coarsed and fine filtration to get SDI <3.0. Scales are also eliminated to negative LSI. Optimum design with reasonable flux at high recovery is considered saving in operating cost.

All pumps, filters are supplied with standby units. Plant is controlled via SCADA system.


Two pumping station c/w UFD
Cooling towers
ASME design standard multi-media filters
ASME design standard Micron filtration units
Dosing systems
High pressure pumps
Two stage RO systems
SCADA units

Project Details

Client: Princess Noura University For Women, KSA

Industry: Waste Water Treatment

Application: Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process (BWRO)