Avondale Chemicals

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Avondale Chemical plant is hidden in the Wicklow hills in Ireland and is therefore subject to very rigid environmental monitoring. The company was in the process of expanding its process operations and was keen to ensure that it met with its obligations to the local environment and

ACWA Services Ltd were awarded the contract to upgrade the existing water treatment plant to allow for the new waste coming from the new process operation and to add odour control, Flouride removal and Solids removal to the existing system.

Consulting Engineers for the project were the UK branch of the USA based company CH2 M HILL.


**Concentrated Waste **
Two new 500m³ Steel tanks with an epoxy lining, were installed in their own concrete bund which was capable of containing 110% of the total volume. These are used for holding the mixed concentrated waste prior to transferring into the treatment system.

Tertiary Treatment
Two new 250m³ sectional steel tanks were installed in their own concrete bund, which was capable of containing 110% of the total volume. These were for the treated water prior to the final sand filtration and discharge. Plant rating 150m³/hr.

Flouride Reactors
These were housed in a modernized existing building.

Wet Scrubber
All open tanks both existing and new were covered with GRP roofs and connected with stainless steel ducting to the Air Scrubbing system. Total air flow to scrubber 19,500m³/hr. The whole of the upgraded system was controlled by a new PLC and SCADA system.

Project Details

Client: Avondale Chemicals

Industry: Pharmaceutical



Wastewater Treatment
Tertiary Treatment