Water Authority of Jordan - WADI MOUSA

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Wadi Mousa, Water Authority of Jordan

This project consists of a wastewater treatment plant with a 3,400m3/day average flow capacity, 4 wastewater pump station and wastewater conveyance system of 2.04km of gravity sewer of 400mm diameter, concrete pipes and 11.62 km force mains of 100-450mm diameter and ductile iron pipes totalling 13.66 km . in addition, the system will include a telemetry cable connecting the wastewater treatment plant with the pump stations and all associated electrical and mechanical work.


The process of this plant is screening, grit separation, activated sludge consolidation / dewatering and odour control.

The activated sludge plant is designed as a biological nutrient removal system and reduces nitrogen to a very low level. There are anoxic, anaerobic phases of treatment.

The aeration is by surface aerators in a carousel, dewatering is by drying beds, tertiary treatment is by lagooning and sterilisation is by chlorine gas. Odour control of the inlet works is by biological filters

Project Details

Client: Water Authority of Jordan - WADI MOUSA, Jordan

Industry: Wastewater Treatment

Application: Screening, grit separation, activated sludge consolidation/dewatering and odour control