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A large scale wastewater treatment plant was designed, installed and successfully commissioned and continue to be operated by ACWA Services Ltd. The client is one of the World leading food producers. Odour control, using an ACWa AIR scrubbing system, also forms an important part of the process.


The plant which combines both Bio-filtration and Activated Sludge processes, comprises Effluent Collection and Screening, Effluent Balancing, pH Correction, Sodium Hydroxide Dosing, Hydrochloric Acid Dosing, Nutrient Storage and Dosing, High Rate Bio-filtration, Primary Settlement, Anoxic zone, Aeration, Final Settlement, Sand Filtration, Sludge Storage, Sludge Dewatering and Odour Control.


The maximum design volume is 1268m3/d with a maximum COD concentration of 5800 mg/l and maximum design load of 7.4 tonnes/day. The maximum suspended solids concentration is 700mg/l which equates to a maximum suspended solids load of 0.9 tonnes/day.


  Consent Average
pH 6-9 8.0
BOD 20mg/l <10mg/l
SS 40mg/l <30mg/l
Amm 3mg/l <1mg/l
Temperature <25°C 23°C

Project Details

Client: Nestle, Hadfield

Industry: Food Effluent Waste