Doha South


Doha South Sewage Treatment Works, Phase IV—Qatar

Design and construction of an additional treatment system, modification to the existing works and improvements to the sludge treatment stream to meet the flows and loads expected by the year 2013. The average flow to be accommodated is 1,230 lit./sec., with a weekly peak of 2,212 lit./ sec. And a maximum pumping capacity of 4,241 lit./sec. The loads to be accommodated include 23,533 kg/day of BOD, 15,148 kg/day of TSS and 1,810 kg/ day of AmmN.


The works included are Odour control unit and flow distribution chamber. Inlet works consisting of incoming mains reception chamber, 3 duty and 1 standby 5mm perforation of equivalent bas screens together with screening, washing and compacting facilities. Grit removal provided through 3 duty and standby hydro-dynamic grit removal plants.

Sequencing batch reactor (SBR). SBR secondary treatment works to treat a minimum full flow of 2,080 lit/sec.

Modifications to the existing activated sludge plant, washwater system, septage tanker reception facilities and works pumping station. Conversion of existing secondary sludge digesters to aerobic digestion.

Mechanical thickening and dewatering equipment. 12,000 m2 access road and site lighting. 4,800 1m underground GRP pipes (150mm—1,500mm dia) and 750 1m underground DI pipes (400mm—700mm).

SCADA system to cover the whole of the works.

The process utilized it ITT sanitaire’s continuous inflow ICEAS sequential batch reactor (SBR). The SBR technology is different from a conventional activated sludge plant in that the treatment process (aeration, settlement and decant) takes place in a single basin, thereby minimizing land usage, civil, operation and maintenance costs.

Project Details

Client: Doha South

Industry: Sewage Treatment