Almarai, Al Kharj Processing Facility

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Almarai, Al Kharj Processing Facility

ACWA MBR has been awarded the contract to supply membrane units and associated engineering services, for two MBR plants at Almarai’s Al Kharj processing facility. The main contractor for the project is WETICO-Saudi Berkefeld, with ACWA MBR being responsible for the membrane design, control design and commissioning of the plant, along with a comprehensive 5 year membrane warranty.


Almarai ETP (Dairy Effluent) Almarai ETP (Domestic Effluent)
Retrofit of existing activated sludge plant
Peak daily flow = 4000m³/d
CODin = 12,000kg/d
New standalone MBR plant
Peak daily flow = 750m³/d
BODin = 250mg/l
TSSin = 250mg/l
Consented Quality
TSS < 5mg/l
COD < 100mg/l
Consented Quality
TSS < 5mg/l
BOD < 5mg/l
NH3-N < 5mg/l
Design Output
12 No. EK400 double-deck membrane units
Plant footprint 9m x 9m
Design Output
4 No. ES200 membrane units (Upgradable to 6)
Plant footprint 10m x 6m (including balance tank)

Project Details

Client: Almarai, Al Kharj Processing Facility, Oman

Industry: Domestic Waste Water & Industrial Effluent

Application: Membrane Bioreactor & Aerobic Biological Technology