Wadi Ma’in Zara & Mujib Water Treatment and Conveyance Project

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This project includes the final design, construction and operation of a 53 MCM/yr water treatment plant including desalination facilities, at least 6 large pump stations (each with a capacity of approximately 1.5m3/s) and about 41 km of largediameter pipelines extending from the Dead Sea to Amman.


The Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordan, together with Montgomery Watson Harza consultant developed the preliminary design for this project in 2002.

It consists of desalinating raw surface water from Wadi Ma’in & Zara springs, Wadii Mujib and conveying a maximum of 47 million cubic meters per year (MCMY) of potable water to the city of Amman, the initial cost of the project was $125 million, predominantly funded by USAID and based on a Design Build Operate (DBO

Project Details

Client: Wadi Ma’in Zara & Mujib Water Treatment and Conveyance Project, Jordan

Industry: Water Treatment

Application: Conventional Water Treatment followed by Reverse Osmosis Plant