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The nitrate removal plant at Sheafhouse is an Ion exchange plant utilizing ACWA’s innovative NITREAT® system. The NITREAT® system is based on true counter current continuous ion exchange utilising a unique multiport valve for distribution of feed and regeneration flows to multiple resin vessels. Unlike other similar systems NITREAT® does not require a turntable as the resin vessels remain stationary. The system is designed to reduce the nitrate concentration in the feed water from 63 mg/l as NO3 to 8.8 mg/l as NO3.

The treated water from the NITREAT® plant is blended with untreated water to provide a final water with a nitrate level concentration below 43 mg/l as NO3. The plant has sufficient hydraulic capacity to deal with the combined maximum treatment works flows of 4.5 MLD with a maximum feed flow to the NITREAT® plant of 1.6 MLD.

ACWA provided one complete ion exchange skid capable of handling 100% of the flow. The resin regeneration and backwash take place in-situ without interruption to the nitrate adsorption process. The system offers a high degree of flexibility as it can cope with large variations in flow and nitrate levels and produces far less quantities of waste regenerants compared with conventional plants.


The system comprises:

  • Water Feed Pumps, associated pipe work & valves
  • Auto Backwashing Filters
  • 1 No 100% Ion exchange skid complete with indexing valve, ion exchange resin vessels, pipe work and valves
  • Brine Saturator, pipe work and valves
  • Brine Feed Pumps, associated pipe work & valves
  • Duplex Base Exchange Water Softener
  • Softened Water Storage Tank
  • Softened Water Pumps, associated pipe work and valves
  • Interconnecting pipe work & valves
  • MCC and interconnecting cabling
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Access ladders, platforms and hand railing

Project Details

Client: Thames Water, Sheafhouse, England

Industry: Nitrate Removal

Application: NITREAT®


Ion Exchange
Ion Exchange