Waddington & Ledger

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The System treats VOC laden exhaust gases ducted through the roof of the building from two Octoman Sigma 50 print dryers into a common duct where an exhaust fan feeds the oxidation system.

Using a recuperative heat exchanger the exhaust gases from the dryers are preheated using the hot gases exiting the thermal oxidiser.

Preheated fumes from the dryers enter the ignition tube of the oxidiser via a plenum chamber and are rapidly heated to 760°C by a natural gas burner which fires horizontally into a ceramic lined combustion chamber, fitted with internal baffling to provide the necessary mixing and residence time for the required oxidation of contaminants. The ceramic fibre lining is installed to protect the oxidiser shell against thermal shock during the warm-up period whilst the burner provides the support fuel necessary for the oxidation process. The Volatile Organic Compounds are oxidised to water and carbon dioxide.

The oxidation products leaving the oxidiser are, in turn, used to preheat the incoming fume to approximately 580°C in an air to air heat exchanger by cooling the gas to 360°C. Oxidation products are ultimately discharged to atmosphere via a chimney stack.

Project Details

Client: Waddington & Ledger

Industry: Printing

Application: A gas-fired Thermal Oxidiser System for VOC abatement at the Elland printing works of Waddington & Ledger Ltd - a leading producer of high quality direct response inserts.


Dry Scrubbing
Thermal Oxidation