MF covers a variety of technologies including (in decreasing levels of coarseness):

  • Manually cleaned and self-backwashing strainers are available ranging from 500 to 2 microns retention rating.
  • Disposable bag and cartridge filters are usually housed in plastic or stainless steel housings and are often used to pretreat or protect the higher value membrane processes, but also are used as stand-alone treatments. The coarsest bag filters are rated at nominally 100 microns whist the finest cartridge filters may have an absolute rating as fine as 0.45 microns.
  • MF Membranes are available in a variety of configurations and from many manufacturers and generally accepted to have a nominal pore size (depending on the membrane manufacturer and model) of 5.0 to 0.01 microns at which point they cross over with the tighter ultrafiltration membranes depending on the particular application (temperature, pH etc affect the retention ability of every membrane in slightly different ways).

Microfiltration membranes are available in a variety of configurations

  • Tubular, Flat Sheet, Hollow Fibre.
  • Out-to-In' or 'In-to-out' filtration.
  • Vertical or Horizontal arrangements.

ACWA employ all the above techniques, selecting the technology to match the individual project requirements.

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