High-Rate Ammonia Removal

The Amtreat® Process is a registered design for a high-rate activated sludge process specifically for treating high-strength ammonia wastewaters. These high strength ammonia wastewaters are typically generated from sludge treatment processes (e.g. digester liquors, centrifuge liquors and dryer liquors) or industrial processes (e.g. chemical manufacture).

Amtreat® is a dedicated process that can reduce the ammonia and total nitrogen levels within the feed effluent to a level that can be discharged direct to a watercourse, or more typically to the head of a wastewater treatment process. The Amtreat® Process can be installed as part of a larger wastewater treatment system or as a stand-alone plant. It has a smaller footprint than an equivalent conventional activated sludge plant to undertake the same duty and can easily be retrofitted into existing tanks if they are suitable. As the Amtreat® Process is based on the activated sludge process, it is easy to operate and control, utilising industry standard equipment and instrumentation.