ACWA Air: Experts in air pollution and odour control

Reducing the impact of air pollution on public health and the environment means understanding not only increasingly-stringent regulations and the innovative technologies required to meet them, but also key drivers such as energy efficiency and the need to minimise capital and life-cycle costs.

ACWA Air’s extensive experience in the field of air pollution control enables us to provide bespoke solutions using best available technology for turnkey engineer-procure-construct and commission projects. Our commitment to ensuring the optimum outcome is backed by a wide range of solutions and dedicated, expert staff.

The company’s expertise includes gaseous contaminant removal using either packed towers, plate wet scrubbers, venturi scrubbers or dry scrubbing systems, VOC abatement with Catalytic and Recuperative Thermal Oxidation, and odour control using chemical dosed wet scrubbers
wet scrubbers.